October 15-22, 2017 Provincetown, Massachusetts

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Each year at Fantasia Fair, there are a great many interesting seminars and workshops. Below will be descriptions of the offerings as they become available. Workshop description are found also in the Participants' Guide, which is published in advance of the Fair each September.

Workshops for 2016

Alone at the Fair: Those who are here without their partner

Carole MacKenzie
While this is your week to break out, free of gender rules, dressing exactly the way you want to, and truly being yourself, you may be wishing your partner were here with you....or maybe not. Do you wish you could experience the Pink Cloud with them? Or perhaps you have anxious moments thinking about how they are feeling, or what awaits you when you return to your other life. Join us in private, confidential discussions in a safe place to explore some of these issues. Even if you don't have a partner now, but did, or want to, you are welcome to join us.

An Accidental Activist & A Punk Rock Pageant Queen: Being the Woman I Am (Keynote Address)

Lorelei Erisis
The first line of Lorelei’s OKCupid profile reads: “Before you go any further, please know that I am not interested in anyone who needs me to be discreet. I am simply not.” The entirely fabulous Lorelei Erisis has been many things to many people. An old fashioned soda jerk, a nightclub cage dancer, an actor, a model, an activist, an improviser, a newspaper columnist, a husband, a girlfriend, a daughter, the very end of her family line, a dominatrix’s assistant, a comic, a pageant queen, a dancing waitress in a 50s theme diner, a board member, an organizer and an “adventurer”! She identifies as trans, queer, poly, kinky, Irish and very simply, a woman. Join Lorelei as she shares some of the weird and wonderful stories she has accumulated in a lifetime of trying to say “Yes!” as often as possible to whatever strange adventures and new experiences came her way. She will talk about how her experience studying improv has informed and influenced her transition and her activism. And how she stopped trying to be someone else and started focusing on simply being the woman she is.

An Accidental Activist & A Punk Rock Pageant Queen: Being the Woman I Am: Followup Conversation

Lorelei Erisis
This informal session is a chance for followup discussion with keynote presenter Lorelei Erisis

An Introduction to the Digital Transgender Archive

K.J. Rawson
This workshop will provide a behind-the-scenes introduction to the Digital Transgender Archive, a new database of historical materials available at This quickly building resource collects materials relating to trans-ing gender from anywhere in the world. The DTA has a particularly strong collection of Fantasia Fair materials, which will be featured throughout the session.

Being Unreadable and Being Read: Teaching Trans Poetry as a Trans Woman (Keynote Address)

Trace Peterson
Why do we not know the names of more trans authors, and why are there not more cultural spaces, literary spaces, or courses where we have opportunities to engage specifically with literature by trans people? Poet and Trans Literary Activist Trace Peterson reflects on trans authorship in the genre of poetry. Topics will include a discussion of notable trans poets, her interventions in publishing trans writers and anthologies, the story behind how her landmark anthology Troubling the Line came about, how she created and approaches her course on Transgender Poetry at Hunter College (the first such course in any English deparment), and the legacy of kari edwards as visible in the publication last year of edwards' book succubus in my pocket, which won the first-ever Lambda Literary Award in Transgender Poetry. Trace Peterson wants to see more trans poets in the world and needs your help to make it happen!

Being Unreadable and Being Read: Teaching Trans Poetry as a Trans Woman: Followup Conversation

Trace Peterson
This informal session is a chance for followup discussion with keynote presenter Trace Peterson

Beyond Binaries: Life in the Fuzzy Middle of Gender

Dr. Sirena Rivera
Not everyone in the glorious kaleidoscope that is transgender chooses the path of full- time transition. At the 2014 Fantasia Fair, Sirena spoke of her own life living as a dual- gender/genderfluid person, bringing her own perspective to the phenomenon. Even over the past few years, more forms of gender expression have come to the fore, with more visibility for those who consider themselves genderqueer, non-binary and even identifying with no gender at all. There are those in the transgender coalition who move between and within the masculine and feminine poles, and now we see more who just ignore the poles altogether. This updated panel will focus on what life is like for three people who live in the ebb and flow of gender.

Book Reading: I Know You Are But What Am I?

Ali Sands
Ali Sands will read from her new book, I Know You Are, But What Am I? Female to Male, A Partner's Story, a memoir about her experiences as her partner transitioned to male. A Q&A session will follow.

Broadcast Transition

Kristen Eck, Lorelei Erisis
Actor and storyteller Lorelei Erisis talks with Boston helicopter reporter Kristen Eck about her public transition and her decision to keep her voice as-is after 19-years on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 AM. Lorelei and Kristen will discuss the importance of voice in media and the arts and its role in their lives as two very publicly visible trans-women. A question & answer session will follow.

Celebrate Each Other's Journey

Madeline Marquardt
This is an opportunity to come and celebrate our individual journeys. This workshop will provide a safe environment for the participants to learn from and celebrate each other’s journey. We will see that sometimes our paths converge and other times they diverge. We will learn to better appreciate our own personal journey and truly see those who are on a different path.

Choosing Family - Security, Connection, and Technology Solutions

Aisling nic Lynne
A discussion of how we choose our family every day, consciously or by custom, and what that means for our daily lives. Only three kinds of chosen-family relations are generally recognized by Western law and society: biology, marriage and adoption. We’ll talk about what other family relationships exist, how customs around biology and marriage color our expectations of family, what tools society and government provide to recognized families, and strategies to match or supplement them for unrecognized family structures, for safety, security, and connection. The Wearsafe Tag is a new technology that helps build and maintain those connections, allowing you and and the people you care about to live more confidently.

Communicating your Gender with Movement and Voice

Lezli Whitehouse, Sandi Hammond
The Communication of male and female speakers is different, why? Vocally, in large part because of physical differences in the size of the vocal cords and vocal tract. This workshop will offer information about: voice, resonance, intonation, pitch, and how to shift your voice in a safe and effective way to create a Gender-Clear vocal expression. Welcome to people of all genders, expressing yourself in gender-consistent communication, or a fluid communication style. Lezli will also be available for a few hours each day to coach performance skills, or to work privately with you on your voice and communication consistency.

Community: Forming transformative places of safe discomfort

Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard
Come and explore the dynamics of privilege and oppression within our society while obtaining the tools to call each other in, nurture an accountable community, and how to apologize when mistakes are made. This workshop is designed to help FanFair attendees learn how we can come together to ensure our space is healthy and accessible for everyone. Through stories and conversation, activities and reflection, participants will be invited to discover the transformative place of safe discomfort, where all people, experiences, and identities are honored.

Costume Party and Late-Night Dancing at Purgatory

After the Follies, come party at Club Purgatory - it's "Almost Heaven." This after-party will double as an optional costume party and, with a nod to author Jenny Boylan, the night’s theme is literary figures. So come as Sherlock Holmes, Scarlett O'Hara, Alice in Wonderland, Hermione Granger, Ronin Hood, or any other favorite character!

Couples' program wrap-up and integration of the week's learning experiences

Dr. Maureen Osborne
In this final session, I will gather together and reflect on all the wisdom we have generated as a group of intrepid pioneers navigating new frontiers of gender relationships. Each couple will have an opportunity to share what they have learned and what they hope to accomplish going forward in their relationship.

Dinner and a Show

Jaye McBride
Join us at the Provincetown Theater for a small-plate tapas meal and a performance. Our show will open with the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus; they will be followed by comedian Jaye McBride. This event is open to the public, and is part of our way of giving back to the community of Provincetown.

Facial Feminization Surgery: Maximizing Results

Jeffrey H. Spiegel, M.D.
Listen to Dr. Spiegel review the goals and methods of facial feminization surgery. Post-operative photos will be shown. There will be a discussion of what procedures are available, how to maximize results, risks, and how new technologies and advances have allowed for improving structural changes to bone.Dr. Spiegel has performed well over 1,000 FFS procedures! Dr. Spiegel is happy to answer any personal questions and will be providing complimentary consultations for any interested guests. Contact us at 617-566-3223 or

Fantasia Fair Follies

Sophia D'Aoust
Come see another some of the community's brightest new talents, both professional and amateur in this charity fund-raising cabaret/talent show. For more information, please see the Follies page.

Farewell Brunch

Come join your friends for one last meal and say goodbye until next year.

Fashion Show

Luna Maria, Temperance DuWitt
Once again, Fantasia Fair is proud to present their annual Fashion Show. Participation is open to all fairgoers but only to those who can handle the glowing admiration of the crowd. Remember to sign up as a fashion show participant real early – we've time and space for only so many of you fabulous models. Signing up takes place Monday afternoon in the Fair office at The Boatslip. For more information, please see the Fashion Show page.

Fashion Show Rehearsal

Luna Maria, Temperance DuWitt
This is our chance to walk through the Fashions Show, practice on the runway, and make sure we have a fabulous show put together. Please bring the shoes you plan to wear to the show, so you can test them out on the stage.

Finding your Singing Voice

Sandi Hammond
People in the trans* community often struggle with singing. Whether or not your voice is changing due to your own training and effort or hormones (or a combination), you may not fit into the traditional Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass ranges. This doesn't mean you should give up! Join us for some vocal and singing warm-ups, exercises, and group singing. We'll cover how to adjust octaves and parts to find a place where singing can be comfortable and enjoyable. Note: Sandi is the founder of a trans chorus in Boston which has created an entirely unique paradigm for capturing trans vocal ranges in a way that completely rejects traditional and highly-gendered choral music.

First-time Attendees Meet and Greet (for Non-Transfolk)

Carolyn Caywood
This is a relaxed, safe space to connect with other SOs who are attending the Fair for the first time and get answers from some old-timers. Come share a coffee, ask questions, and figure out how to get the most out of your time at Fantasia Fair. These daily gatherings are for Significant Others only.

First-time Attendees Meet and Greet (for Transfolk)

Karen Jandro, Madeline Marquardt
This is a relaxed, safe space to come to connect with others who are attending the Fair for the first time. Come share a coffee and talk about how to get the most out of your time at Fantasia Fair. If you have questions, we have answers! These sessions are for first-time Trans folk only. We do this to avoid self-censorship, and out of respect for the privacy of those who are not accompanied by their spouses.
  • Meet new friends
  • Share experiences
  • Gather information
  • Gain support

Follies Final Rehearsal

Sophia D'Aoust

Follies Individual Performance Coaching

Sophia D'Aoust
No matter how much (or little) experience you have on stage, working with a performance coach can make a good thing better. Make sure to arrange time in advance.

From Closet to Conversation: Naming Our Stories and Claiming Our Lives

Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard
The narrative of coming out is central to LGBTQ culture, yet it often fails to account for individual experiences. Through discussion, activity and story this workshop provides a space to explore your story and consider who, if anyone, you desire to share it with. Leaving the closet behind we embrace the life-long process of conversation and identity. Whether you're LGBT, an ally or both, here is a space beyond binary assumptions about openness and ourselves. This is a space where you can explore new ways to write the next chapter in your story.

Gala Awards Banquet

The annual Fantasia Fair Gala Awards Banquet is the highlight of the week! Show off your finest threads in this black-tie affair and congratulate this year's award winners. For more information, including a list of previous award winners and award categories, please see the Gala Awards Banquet page.

Gender Improv

Lorelei Erisis
Second City trained improviser and “Miss Trans New England” Lorelei Erisis will share and discuss insights about gender as well as the basics of improv and how it can be used to enrich your own relationships and personal presentation. This is a hands-on workshop that will explore the performative aspects of gender using the techniques and tools of improvisational acting. Participants will have the chance to stretch their legs, open their minds and get up on their own feet to learn some basic games and exercises. No improv or acting experience is necessary, (though experienced performers are welcome too!) just the willingness to try something new and have a little fun. Come ready to play!!!!

Gender Surgeries and Psychology - Blending the Two: Bringing out the Beauty in You

Dr. Tim Herley
Dr. Tim Herley will provide a presentation to help better understand the psychology of “Beauty". Why is it such a powerful force in everyday life? Identifying one’s “True Self” brings beauty from the inside; Gender and Aesthetic Surgeries bring beauty from the outside. Together they give a transperson the best potential for “A Better Life”. In this discussion we look at how identity and beauty are one and the same. In addition we explore the psychological effects of Gender Confirmation and Aesthetic Surgeries. Begin to have the World Embrace the “Trans-Community” by Embracing Yourself. All are encouraged to come to the Workshop to hear all about “Gender Surgeries and Psychology - Blending the Two: Bringing out the Beauty in You“.

Gender Transgression in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras

Dallas Denny
The Victorian (1834-1901) and Edwardian (1901-1914) eras were characterized by straight-lacing, protests by and arrests of early feminists and transpeople, established gender-variant roles in theatre, and gender subversion in popular literature. Come learn about Vesta Tilley, Ernest Boulton and Frederick Park, sixteen-inch waists, Charley’s Aunt, pantomime dames, and more. Illustrations.

Getting Out and About

Jan Brown
Ready to be yourself in the wide world? Jan will share her experiences and the stories she's learned from other transwomen and transmen. She has been out in various places all over the USA. She will talk about her early ventures and will relate her feelings on the journey. For example: Be vigilant and try to be aware of their surroundings. It helps to go places with others. There are a lot of "what if's" along the way. What would you do if you are stopped by the police enroute somewhere? What if you recognize someone or someone recognizes you? What would it be like to attend a show on Broadway? Where do I go to the bathroom? This will be an interactive presentation and will include discussion of family situations. Hopefully, we'll all learn new ideas to enjoy our life even more.

Group Photo

Please join us for a group photo! There are two dates scheduled for this, with the second date being the raindate.

Group Photo, Rain Date

Please join us for a group photo! There are two dates scheduled for this, with the second date being the raindate.

GROW (Yourself) UP!

Sherri Gray
Have you ever wished you could magically "grow yourself up" all over again, knowing what you know now? Using experiential tools, you can symbolically become a loving parent to yourself, learning new lessons and creating new rites of passage for yourself. This is a sensible, 'adult' approach to help you heal that invisible 'emotional abscess' which is filled with yucky negative programming. Traumatic memories are deeply buried and not easily accessed with traditional methods. But experiential techniques work wonders for those of us who have been shamed, bullied and never felt unconditionally loved for who we are. In easy-to-understand language, participants will receive Help and Hope to Heal their Hurt. Sherri has spent years as a therapist, and has distilled this information down to everyday terms--no psychobabble. "Experiential" can be another word for 'fun'...imagine that!

Holding on for dear life in a sidecar: The wild and wooly ride of the partner

Dr. Maureen Osborne
In addition to identity challenges, being the partner of a transgender person can be a roller coaster ride of feelings that change on a daily basis. It’s definitely not for sissies. We will make a non-judgmental space for partners to share some of the feelings they have experienced on this journey.
Focus Questions:
What feelings have you experienced as the partner in this journey? Is there room in your relationship to talk about them without feeling guilty or bullying? How do you make your voice heard in your relationship? Do you know how to distinguish between your feelings in any moment and your longer-term inner truth? What ways have you developed of dealing with the “moving target” that is often part of a transgender person’s journey?

It Ain't Me Babe - Or Maybe It Is

Dr. Maureen Osborne
In this workshop, we will provide a safe space for non-transgender spouses and partners to talk about their own journeys. Finally, it’s all about you!
Focus Questions:
What do you think being the partner of a transgender person means about you? How has it changed you? What have you learned? What are the losses and what are the gains? How does this fact fit into the larger frame of your individual life story? How do you feel as a partner in cisgender and transgender spaces? How do you see the future?

Knit with Flare

Whether you are new to knitting, or a seasoned professional, come to PÜRL for an afternoon of knitting, conversations and discussions!! Please bring your own projects that you are working on, or discover something that you want to work on in the shop! If you are a knew knitter, they will have starter kits for making a scarf available for $20. There will be light refreshments provided!!!!

Know thyself: Creating Visual & Written Representations of Attraction

Aubri Drake, Tobias K Davis
Uncertain how your aesthetic, emotional, romantic, physical, and sexual attraction interact and overlap with each other? Find it hard to describe your needs and boundaries to others? In this session, we'll review different pieces that can make up attraction and work on creating physical representations of attraction we can use to better understand ourselves and share with others.

Learning to Define Your Own Terms, Speak Your Mind, and Negotiate with Your Partner Around Transgender Expression and/or Transition

Dr. Maureen Osborne
Whatever the state or stage of your relationship, there are special challenges in a cis/trans relationship that require self-examination, fearless and mutually respectful dialogue, and negotiation. We will look at some principles and strategies that should ease the way.
Focus questions:
How do you handle conflict in your relationship? Does one person give in more often? Do you speak your mind or are you easily silenced? How do you ask for what you need? Do you know what you need? Can you slow things down or say no without risking hurt or alienation? Is one partner better with words than the other? Do you feel that one person has more power, and if so, why?

Lies, Sex and Journalism: Refocusing the Media's Perspective of Trans Americans (Keynote Address)

Dawn Ennis
From President Obama's 2015 State of the Union to combined efforts by the Department of Defense, the Justice Department and the Department of Education, trans people are closer now than ever to equality. But we are not there yet, as evidenced by Bill Maher's recent plea to progressives that our rights are a boutique issue that must be postponed so as not to distract voters who might support Donald Trump just to keep people like us out of their bathrooms. A significant part of the problem is not just those conservatives who oppose our rights, but people like Maher and other members of the mainstream media, and even some members of the gay-dominated media, who fan the flames started by those who wish to extinguish us from existence. Dawn will explain why the news media doesn't get us, and what we can do, each of us and together, to get their attention. She'll explain in detail how to avoid becoming a victim of the news media machine, which feeds the public's curiosity about our genitals, regrets, deception and gender confusion. As a survivor and a journalism insider, she is happy to share what she knows to help our movement achieve our civil rights.

Lies, Sex and Journalism: Refocusing the Media's Perspective of Trans Americans: Followup Converstaion

Dawn Ennis
This informal session is a chance for followup discussion with keynote presenter Dawn Ennis

Line Dance - Introductory Workshop

Brian Hanechak
Line dancing is a folk dance activity that is fun for a wide range of ages and genders. We will teach two dances. No previous experience needed! Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes.

Lost in the Pink Fog

Liz Winter
You finally made it to Provincetown, and Fantasia Fair was the most fabulous experience of your life. You're pumped up, full of new self-confidence and unable to think about anything but expressing yourself in your preferred gender role. Back at home, the world seems drab and you chafe at having to hide part of yourself from your family, friends, and co-workers. You want to burst forth, heedless of consequences, and proclaim yourself to the world, and you think you just might. Congratulations. You're in the pink fog. The pink fog (blue fog for FTMs) is the state of euphoria we experience when we take our gender expression to a new level. It's a dangerous time to make decisions, and yet a time when we most want to. Come talk about the pink fog with those in attendance and suggestions on how to find your way out of it. Highly recommended for first timers


A lunch (or brunch) is included with your registration. These meals are held in various restaurants within easy walking distance from the center of town. When you check in at the office to get your registration packet, you will be asked to select which restaurants you want for lunches and then you'll be given meal tickets for those restaurants. You will need these tickets when you arrive for lunch each day. Lunch tickets are good only for the date and location printed on the ticket.

Makeup and Image Consulting

Hera Navassardian
How to better understand how to present yourself, in a semi‐private session. Limited seating so advanced signup is recommended (at check‐in during the Fair).

Meet Your Fellow Couples: Telling (or Updating) Our Unique Love Stories

Dr. Maureen Osborne
In this workshop for couples only, we will give ourselves the time and space to meet fellow travelers, and tell our stories in a safe and supportive environment. Intended for first timers as well as couples who have been coming to Fair for years.
Focus Questions:
How long have you been together? How did you meet? When and how did you hear about your partner’s transgender nature? How are you both handling that now? Do you have children? If so, tell us about them. Who among your family and friends know about the transgender part of your relationship? How has that been? What is the best thing about your relationship? What is the most frustrating part?

Moving Through Time: Intergenerational Dialogue

Lorelei Erisis
Gender is on the move, with people coming into their identities in all phases of life. This panel is designed to open a conversation about what it means to be trans in all stages of life. By delving into the richness of trans history and the rise of young gender creativity this workshop will build bridges of respect and understanding to help us create a future where all genders are celebrated and remembered.

Night Out on the Town!

Part of what makes Fantasia Fair special is that it takes place in Provincetown. Few places are as accepting and affirming as our host city and here you will be safe, respected, and honored whatever your gender presentation. Fairgoers are encouraged to explore the restaurants, bars, and dance clubs of Provincetown. As you plan your dinner reservations for your nights out at the Fair, please try to support our Advertisers who have supported the Fair in your Participant's Guide and on our website. When making your choices, please be sure to tell them you saw their ad in the Fantasia Fair Guide. There are a variety of fine restaurants to choose from in all cuisines and price ranges, all within walking distance or a short cab ride from the center of town (for those wearing sky‐high stilettos!).

Orientation Brunch

In this late morning get-together, you'll have a chance to mingle with your new friends and find out what you can expect during the week. We'll point out who is responsible for what, where to get the latest information, and talk about the various happenings of the week.

Orientation for New Arrivals

Barbara Curry
Coming to Fantasia Fair mid-week? Come meet others and get critical information to help you get the most enjoyment possible from your time in Provincetown.

Peeing in Peace

Diego Miguel Sanchez, Mara Keisling, Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard, Dr. Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
Bathroom use is something most of the world takes for granted. In public settings you find the restroom of your gender and those are the facilities you use. While this has always been more complicated for trans folk, the matter has recently become a major political football in the United States. This panel will focus on the ramifications of this with respect to the political, social, moral, and activist issues involved.

Personal Hair Consulations with Luna Maria

Luna Maria
Luna Marie will give you a personal consultation to work with your hair or your wig. She can help you look that will help you shine. If you are working with your natural hair, please come with it freshly shampooed. This isn't a full salon appointment, but shampooing your hair in advance will allow for trimming and styling.

Policing in Provincetown

Sgt. Carrie Lopes
The Provincetown Police Department will discuss safety tips including what you should and shouldn't have in your wallet or purse, learning to be more aware, what your answering machine message should be and many more practical options. Also included will be a selection from a locally produced hate crime documentary.

Putting it all Together: Movement & Voice

Lezli Whitehouse, Sandi Hammond
Communication of gender happens not just in the clothing and physical appearance we present, but also in the way we speak and move through the world. In this participatory workshop, we will practice conversing and moving in a way that simulates everyday, real-life interactions. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes!

Queer Orthodoxy: Reclaiming the TRANSgressive Traditions of Christianity

Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard
The intersection between Christianity and Queerness often begins from an assumption of newness. Religious institutions with authority often wield their power to silence the queer voices who reside at the heart of Christian tradition. Far too often, outspoken faith leaders of gloriously different genders, sexualities and identities are told that who they are is too new to be a part of ancient conversations and hate filled rhetoric is wielded as a political weapon. Yet there are back ways into the intersection of faith and identity. Secret paths have been cultivated over the years by faithfully queer saints who by their mind-bending genders, sexualities, and relationships, in the Bible and throughout history, have survived to remind us that transgressive queerness is at the heart of God. From transgender leaders to agender seekers, performers and scholars alike have created a wealth of resources that enable us to explore Christian scripture, tradition, and culture with the assumption that queerness is already there.

Registration and Check-in

Even if you registered in advance, you still need to check in! This is just like having to check in with a hotel even though you booked a room in advance. During check-in, you’ll get a packet of goodies which will include a printed copy of the Participant's Guide, the first issue of our daily newsletter, Fantasia Fair Gazette, an identification badge, and the tickets you'll need to gain entrance to the many events that take place during the week. Also, you will be asked to select which restaurants you want for lunches and dinner choices for the banquets. For information about registration and the check-in process, please take a look at our Registration and Check-in page.

Revving Trans Power through Intersections (Keynote Address)

Diego Miguel Sanchez
Intersectionality as a topic began with the expression of oppression. Let's talk about how to retool unjust or cruel exercise of authority into a springboard to our own power by celebrating the pieces of ourselves as transgender and gender expansive people, combined with all else that makes us who we are. As a community, we can own how we shape history to remember us. Let's commit to step up the pace and scope together.

Self-Defense for the Trans Person

Jamie Dailey
Gender based and sexual violence is associated with a host of short- and long-term problems, including physical injury and illness, psychological symptoms, economic costs, and even death. Many people, especially cis- and trans-women, fear that they will be victims of violence. Tragically, this fear has its foundation in fact. This workshop focuses on best practices for risk reduction to help you make the best decision in a potentially dangerous situation. The goal is no to learn how to fight, but how to avoid a violent encounter and, if violence is unavoidable, how to survive such an encounter. This workshop begins with a discussion which outlines a number of issues regarding awareness, risk reduction and avoidance of potentially dangerous situations and progresses to hands-on self-defense skills to resist and escape aggressive behavior directed toward them.

Sexual Pleasure and Health for Diverse Gender Experiences

Kira Manser
Welcome to the amazing world of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health! We create educational experiences that are hands-on, interactive, and highly energetic. We are excited to offer an overview of how to maximize both pleasure and health for folks with any and every gender experience. We will discuss how to: talk to your doctor, increase your comfort during sexual health exams, and use and adapt sex toys in a gender affirming way. Our experienced facilitator, Kira Manser, will create a warm, safe environment for attendees to discuss sex and sexuality as it pertains to their individual experience and explore helpful resources in your community.

She's Not There: An Afternoon with Jennifer Finney Boylan (Keynote Address)

Jennifer Finney Boylan
Author of 14 books, longtime activist Jenny Boylan talks about love and writing, and how the process of telling our stories helps us to become ourselves. Boylan is the co-chair of the board of directors of GLAAD, Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence at Barnard College of Columbia University, and a Contributing Opinion Writer for the New York Times. In 2017 she publishes the literary thriller, Long Black Veil, (Random House), a novel about murder, identity, and friendship.

She's Not There: Followup with Jennifer Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan

SO Farewell Circle

Carolyn Caywood
A look back at the week, a look forward at the next Fair, and a chance to trade contact information. Comments and feedback welcome!

SO's "Get Acquainted" Lunch

Carolyn Caywood
If you are the "significant other" of a transgendered person attending the Fair, you are cordially invited to join the other "SOs" for a Dutch-Treat lunch. Get to know each other, share experiences, swap advice, hear how to get the most out of the Fair. You'll discover that we all share a lot in common!

Speaking and Expressing your Gender

Sandi Hammond
Voice is one of the ways our gender is most visible. Why? Vocally, in large part because of physical differences in the size of the vocal cords and vocal tract, and yet, as many people know, voice is a subtle and complicated mechanism with much nuance. What are the elements of a healthy voice that allow for authentic expression? This workshop will offer information about: voice, resonance, intonation, pitch, and how to shift your voice in a safe and effective way to create a gender-clear vocal expression. We will begin with warm-ups and vocal exercises. This workshop is open to people of all genders, whether you are striving for a gender-consistent expression or a more fluid communication style. This workshop is presented twice to give attendees the opportunity to practice. Sandi and Lezli will also be available for a few hours each day to coach performance skills, or to work privately with you on your voice and communication consistency.

Sunday Worship Service

Fantasia Fair attendees have been worshipping at the UU Church for more than 40 years. Join together in fellowship with your friends and P'Town natives for contemplation and worship.

Trans Youth: Growth & Determination at Camp Aranu'tiq (Keynote Address)

Nick Teich
We continue to be reminded that a safe and supportive environment is one of the most important components that help gender-expansive youth grow and flourish. Nick Teich will share personal stories of learning and growth that he has seen while working with transgender and gender-nonconforming youth at Camp Aranu'tiq. Youth at camp often try on different names and identities that they may not feel comfortable trying on at home. He will show how the camp community parallels our adult transgender communities, including the community we have here at Fantasia Fair. He will also talk about how things are changing in our communities, and the increasing presence of youth who do not conform to binary gender expectations.

Trans Youth: Growth & Determination at Camp Aranu'tiq: Followup Conversation

Nick Teich
This informal session is a chance for followup discussion with keynote presenter Nick Teich

Trans* Open Mic & Poetry Night

Cody Suzuki, Elizabeth Wintheiser
Hear ye! Hear ye! Announcing Fantasia Fairs’ one-and-only Trans* Open Mic & Poetry Night! Welcome one and welcome all Hear ye the genuine voices from within our very own Fantasia Fair community as we delve into the gender spectrum together with our authentic words! Set to an open mic forum, come to hear and welcome to share along this journey as only we can tell- Bring along your poems, words, stories, shorts, lyrics, snippets, jots & chicken scratches to a night for all to enjoy! (Please join us afterward for pizza; details to be announced)

Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award Banquet

Jennifer Finney Boylan
Every year, Real Life Experiences honors transgender leaders - those who have sacrificed their careers, their families, their fortunes to change the world so transgendered people could begin to come together in safety and comfort. Without them, we would not be here; we would be at home, hiding in our closets. We meet to honor their work and thank them for all they have done for us and to give them back a little in return for their decades of work on our behalf. This year, we are recognizing Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Jennifer Finney Boylan is an activist, a widely praised author and professor. Ms. Boylan was chosen as the first openly transgender co-chair of the National Board of Directors of GLAAD. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Kinsey Institute for Research on Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and Jenny serves as Special Advisor to the President of Colby College in Maine. In addition, she has served on the Policy Advisory Board of Gender Rights Maryland. Professor Boylan is an author of thirteen and has been a contributor to the op/ed page of the New York Times. Jenny has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Live with Larry King, the Today Show, the Barbara Walters Special, NPR's Marketplace and Talk of the Nation as well as numerous documentaries. She was a consultant and cast member for I AM CAIT, the docu-series about Caitlyn Jenner and also served as a consultant to the Amazon series TRANSPARENT.

Volunteer Planning

Emily Sheldon
If you want to get the most out of your Fantasia Fair experience then get involved! Find out about opportunities to volunteer during the week in this brief get-together.

Walking Tour of Historic Provincetown: The Heart of Ptown

Robert Anderson
Experience the sites of Provincetown in this fun and informative tour that focuses on the history, art, and architecture of this seaside community. Your guide, Rob, will lead you through the fabulous streets and quaint hidden alleyways, discovering stories about the Pilgrims, presidential visits, missing floors, floating houses, abstract expressionism, Walter Chrysler, Eugene O'Neill, and the Vikings, among many other things! Tour time: 1.5 hours. Please wear your comfortable walking shoes!

Welcoming Reception

After a long day of travel, relax with your old friends and meet your new ones. Come dressed formally, come dressed casually, come dressed as a guy or come dressed as a gal - just come by and enjoy yourself!

What do we do about Trust?

Dr. Maureen Osborne
Some breach of trust is almost always present in a relationship where there is a trans partner, no matter at what point the truth was revealed. In this session, we will talk about the meanings we have for trust and its importance in any relationship. We will also explore ways that broken trust can be repaired and protected going forward.
Focus questions:
What do you mean when you say that you can’t trust your partner? How does it make you feel? What agreements did you make that feel as if they’ve been violated? Are there mitigating factors? Is intentionality important? Can you discern and communicate what you need from your partner in order to feel safe again in your relationship? Is there any part of your reaction to perceived trust violations that has its roots in your own family and relationship history? Is there anything that YOU do that makes it less likely for your partner to treat you in a trustworthy way? What kinds of behaviors and statements make you more and less likely to trust your partner?

Whydah Pirate Museum

Cody Suzuki
Ahoy mates, swashbucklers, and pirate lovers! Aye, the Crew here at Fantasia Fair have a real buried treasure for you! Join us as we set our sights over to Expedition Whydah. This true once in a lifetime experience offers artifacts & treasures of the world’s only authenticated pirate ship - The Whydah - sunken off the coast of Cape Cod during the 1700’s. FF is proud to present this opportunity to share in a little local history. Meet up outisde the Crown and Anchor Cabaret Room with our own Jack Sparrow, Cody Suzuki, as we walk the plank down to MacMillian Wharf. ARRR! Costumes welcome! (Special thanks to the Expedition Whydah museum for generously donating this opportunity.) Learn more at

Your Ideas for the Future of Fantasia Fair

Jamie Dailey, Barbara Curry
In order to continue and prosper, the Fair must grow along with its participants. This session is dedicated to hearing your thoughts concerning the Fair, what works and what might be improved. No needs to volunteer to do for anything other than share your thoughts.

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