October 14-21, 2018 Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Ways We Help

Fantasia Fair helps the LGBTIQ Community

Fantasia Fair exists to help people.

In 1975, when the Fair was first conceived, it was in response to a "need for crossdressers and transsexuals to learn about themselves in an open, socially tolerant environment." We provide education and support for not just crossdressers and transsexuals, but also to the wider LGBTIQ community and those professionals who are involved with the community.

Fund Raising for Charities and Civic Organizations

Provincetown was picked as the host city because of its reputation for tolerance and it had become somewhat of an LGBT Mecca. We love the town and its people and we try to say "Thank you" - a lot.

Can You Make A Recommendation?
If you would like to recommend a charity that Fairgoers can raise money for, please send a message to

Nominations are accepted each Winter/Spring and decisions are usually made before Summer.
One way that we try to say "thank you" is by helping various Provincetown charity and civic organizations. Every year we are delighted to make a number of charitable contributions to different groups in town. Over the years, the people coming to Fantasia Fair have raised over $50,000 for organizations that serve the people of Provincetown and Cape Cod. We have made contributions to the town library, the local police department, an AIDS support group, a woman's shelter, the local soup kitchen, a senior services group, a summer camp for LGBT youth, and we helped buy the fire department a life-saving defibrillator.

It is important to note that these generous contributions come from you, the Fairgoer, and from those who attend our events and not from registration fees. One way we raise money for charity is with the Fantasia Fair Follies, a talent show of Fair attendees. Every year, the performers donate all the tips given to them in their performance to charity. When you come to enjoy the Follies, we hope that you will tip generously!

Transgender Pioneer Awards

Because so many in the community have sacrificed their careers, their families, and their fortunes because of their commitments to gender, we provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships. In addition, each year we recognize and honor various transgender leaders who have dedicated their lives to change the world so transgendered people could begin to come together in safety and comfort. Without them, so many of us would still be hiding in our closets.

You can learn more about these Pioneer Awards and those individuals who have been honored on our Transgender Pioneer Awards page.

Personal and Professional Development

For more than thirty years, the seminars, workshops, and lectures offered during the Fair have helped people better understand themselves and the challenges that we all face.

Every October, professional and academics from all over the world made the trek to Cape Cod to share their knowledge and understanding. Recent Fairs have had partners-focused programs, academic colloquiums, voice training workshops, discussions with noted authors and filmmakers, as well as a wide variety of LGBTIQ-related seminars. These programs help not only the trans-person with their self exploration but also the caring professionals who work with the community. The knowledge and skills learned at the Fair are then brought back to the homes and businesses of each Fairgoer as well as the local community centered and support groups each fairgoer is involved with. It is a wonderful "ripple effect."

It should be noted that the overall format of Fantasia Fair fosters personal developments in a great many aspects. Most trans people were raised according to their sex rather than their gender. This usually means that they missed many aspects of socialiations that their cis counterparts take for granted. By offering a combination of workshops and social activities, attendees can learn about trans-related concepts and then put many of those concepts into practice in the various formal and informal setting that the Fair provides. This better prepares attendees for, potentially, re-socializing after transisitioning to live in the gender role that is most comfortable for them. For those who may not wish to transisition but still have questions concerning their gender, these opportunities help them better explore gender roles to determine what is best for them in a safe and accepting environment.


The Fair organizers recognize that many individuals in the LGBTI community suffer from tremendous financial difficulties that might make attending Fantasia Fair out of reach. To help, each year several scholarships are awarded to those with a financial need.

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