October 14-21, 2018 Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Help for those in financial need

Please Contribute to the Scholarship Fund
Scholarships are possible because people make donations to our Scholarship fund.

Please help us help our community by contributing generously to this fund. You can make a contribution as part of the Fair registration process, in person at the Fair, by sending a check to the address below, or by through PayPal by clicking the following button

Each year, the Fantasia Fair Foundation offers a number of scholarships as another way to help the community. These scholarships make it possible for some to attend our conference who couldn't otherwise afford to come. Scholarship recipients learn things at Fantasia Fair and the go back to their local communities to share what they learned. These people can and do make a difference.

Individuals receiving full scholarships will receive free tuition to the Fair, including all seminars, workshops, banquets & events, daily lunches, and shared room accommodations for seven nights. The scholarships are open to individuals of all ages who demonstrate financial need. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Provincetown.

Applicants will be required to submit an application that will describe why they want to attend Fantasia Fair and why they need a scholarships to attend the Fair. Scholarships will be awarded based upon the judgement of the Fantasia Fair Foundation Scholarship Committee. Typically, four to six scholarships are awarded and one of these scholarships goes to a couple. All applications and their results are confidential, though the Fair reserves the right to anonymously reproduce parts or all of the application.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have a financial need
  • Must have submitted a scholorship application> by the submission deadline
  • Applicants must be 18 or older in age

Submission Deadline

All materials must be received no later than July 23. Be sure to include your contact information.

Scholarship Rules

  • The applicant must meet the eligibility requirements outlined above
  • The applicant must submit a scholorship application" scholarship application which describes such things as why you want to come to Fantasia Fair and how your financial situation prevents you from otherwise attending
  • The scholarship application must be filled out accurately and completely
  • All scholarship-related material must be received no later than the stated submission deadline
  • Following the submission deadline, the Fantasia Fair scholarship committee will evaluate all submissions and select which applicants are to be offered scholarships
  • Applicants offered a scholarship will be notified on or about August 15
  • Applicants offered a scholarship must notify the Scholarship Committee of their acceptance within 2 weeks or risk forfeiture of that scholarship
  • In the event that an applicants who is offered a scholarship is not able to attend Fantasia Fair or declines the scholarship, another applicant may be awarded that scholarship


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