October 14-21, 2018 Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Registration and Check-in

Even if you register in advance, you still need to check in

In order to attend Fantasia Fair, you must first register. You can do this using our online registration service. After you register, you will receive a notice confirming your registration. If you are registering via postal mail, please make sure that you include the proper payment amount. There are generous discounts for registering early, you please our schedule of prices to find out the exact amount of your registration fee.

When you arrive in Provincetown, you will need to check-in with the Fair office. This is just like having to check in with a hotel even though you booked a room in advance.

The Boatslip Resort
The Boatslip Resort, 161 Commercial Street

Registering Online

You can register online in advance of the Fair to receive a substantial discount. The registration process will require you to provide a valid email address, your contact information, and payment information. This service is safe, secure, and completely confidential. The service is "PCI Level 1 compliant," is "certified safe," and uses the "maximum data encryption allowed by law."

If you are registering both yourself and a partner, provide the contact information for the first person and before providing the payment information, select the option to "Add Another Person". Once you have completed your registration, your credit card statement will show a payment under the name "Real Life Experiences - Fantasia".


Just as you need to check in when you stay at a hotel even if you booked a room in advance, when you arrive at Fantasia Fair you will need to check in. You check in at the Fair Office located in the lobby of the Boatslip Resort. The Boatslip Resort can be found at 161 Commercial Street, a few buildings past Bayside Betsy's restaurant. There is a map here to help you find Bayside Betsy's and the Boatslip Resort.

Sunday check‐in will start at 1:00 pm and wraps up at 5:00 pm. During the week, you can check in any morning between 9:30 and 11:30 and most afternoons between 3:00 and 4:30. There are a couple of exceptions though: Check‐in will take place from Noon until 4:30 on Monday morning and check‐in ends Saturday morning.

Arriving After Hours
If you arrive after the office is closed for the day, don't worry. If you registered in advance, you can still attend events in progress until you're able to check in. Just bring a copy of your registration acknowledgement so one of the Fair staff can admit you. Acknowledgements are sent to you after you register online.
During check-in, you'll get a packet of goodies which will include a printed copy of the Participants' Guide, the first issue of our daily newsletter, Fantasia Fair Gazette, an identification badge, and the tickets you'll need to gain entrance to the many events that take place during the week. Also, you will be asked to select which restaurants you want for lunches and dinner choices for the banquets. We typically have on hand copies of each of the restaurants' menu to help you decide.

If this is your first Fantasia Fair experience, you should read up on what to do when you arrive.

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