October 14-21, 2018 Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Map of Provincetown

Locations of Fair Activities

There will be events and activities all around Provincetown, so it is worthwhile mentioning a few of the locations used by Fantasia Fair.

Commercial Street is the main street in Provincetown and is the street closest to the bay. Bradford Street is one block further from the water. If you know these two streets, navigating Provincetown will be much easier. Know also that there is an "East End" and a "West End" of town. The dividing line between east and west is roughly the Provincetown Monument, which is the very large tower off Bradford Street.

Fair Venues 
Bayside Betsy's
177 Commercial Street
Boatslip Resort
161 Commercial Street
Club Purgatory/Gifford House
9 - 11 Carver Street
Crown & Anchor/Central House
247 Commercial Street
Klymaxx Unlimited
207 Commercial Street
Lobster Pot
321 Commercial Street
"New Roomers"
306A Commercial Street
Post Office Cafe
303 Commercial Street
Provincetown Library
356 Commercial Street
Provincetown Theater
238 Bradford Street
Tin Pan Alley
269 Commercial Street
Unitarian Universalist Meeting House
236 Commercial Street

Most venues are an easy walking distance from one another, never more than fifteen minutes. As there is a lack of on‐street parking, it is impractical to drive your own car much. On the rare occasion when you may wish to avoid walking a taxi is a good idea. Just make sure to arrange for the taxi as early as possible since there are only a few in town. Taxi fares are a typically $5‐$6 per ride per person anywhere in town and typically $7‐$8 to/from the airport.

Cape Cab: 508‐487‐2222
Mercedes Cab: 508‐487‐3333
Pride Taxi Service: 508‐487‐3400
Black & White Taxi 508‐487‐7800
Ptown Pedicab: 978‐660‐6046

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