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Gala Awards Banquet

Recognizing those individuals who make the Fair special

The Fantasia Fair Awards Banquet is held on Saturday night. The Fantasia Fair Awards are presented to those who have contributed to the success of the Fair. You, the Fairgoers, select by secret ballot the recipients of the Alison Laing Congeniality award. For the Fantasia Fair award, past recipients of the award select new recipients. The rest are awarded by the Fantasia Fair Organizing Committee.

The Alison Laing Congeniality Award

The Alison Laing Congeniality Award is chosen by secret ballot from all participants attending the Fair. The award goes to the participant who was the most open, outgoing, easy to talk with, and friendly, and who gave a sparkle to the group.

1975Florence Jardine1976Alica Millard1977Michelle Ann Bolis 
1978Sandy Eisenbraun1979Kathleen Karter1980Naomi Owen 
1981Naomi Owen1982Eve Burchert1983Linda Walker 
1984Lisa Beal1985Jenny Stevens1986Alison Laing 
1987Cheryl Johnson1988Geri Lee1989Cindy Pearlman 
1990Jane Mulvena1991Maureen Taylor1992Judy Osborne 
1993Jamie Stowell1994Vicki Chesebro1995Kerri Reeder 
1996Pamela Geddes1997Miqqi Alicia Gilbert1998Emily Sheldon 
1999Remind Us!2000Brenda Viola2001Karen Fox 
2002Trankila2003Sherry Ashton2004Jamie Dailey 
2005Erin Fischer2006Dawn Marie Vaux2007Jennifer M. Barge 
2008Robyn Balzen-Weglarz2009Kimmie Eng2010Chrissy Sue McCarty 
2011Sophia Cassivi2012Phyllis Ann Randt2013Luna Maria 
2014Cody Suzuki2015Temperance DeWitt2016Karen Marie J. 

The Brenda Viola Most Helpful Award

The Brenda Viola Most Helpful Award Is given by the Fantasia Fair Organizing Committee to the participant who really came out to serve her or his sisters and brothers and the Fair as a nurturing and helpful individual.

1975Brandy Alexander1976 1977  
1978Merissa Sherrill Lynn1979Maxine McDonald1980Jenny Charvat 
1981Delores Carter1982Dede Jones1983Elayne Coyle 
1984Sheila Kirk1985Charlene Byrd1986Gerri Lee 
1987Linda Walker1988Cheryl Thompson1989Emily Sheldon 
1990Alexandria Irving1991Helen Garfinkle1992Kerri Reeder 
1993Anne Forester1994Joanne White1995Janet Green 
1996Brenda Viola1997Jayne Robinson1998Stephanie Pierce 
1999Lynn Smith2000Stephanie Pierce2001Kathryn Bode 
2002Jamie Dailey2003Dawn Marie Vaux2004Stephany Fountain 
2005Jo Utscheig2006Michelle Garrett2007Lynda and Marilyn Frank 
2008Pattie Ann Fanning2009Audri Blazen2010Katherine and Anne K. 
2011Dainna Cicotello2011Jan Brown2012Robyn Bazlen-Weglarz 
2012Liz Winter2013Mary Beth Cooper2014Carolyn Caywood 
2015Karen Marie J.2016Brian Hanechak  

The Friend of the Fair Award

The Friend of the Fair Award goes to an individual, service or business from the larger community who has demonstrated longstanding service and support to Fantasia Fair and its attendees.

1998Dana Noble2003Brian Knittel2004Andy Turocy 
2008Steve & Betsy Melamed2008Sandra Cole2012Cape Air 
2012Rick Reynolds2012Rick Murray2013Hera Navassardian 
2013Earl Kendall2014Dyer's Beach House2014Sgt. Carrie Lopes 
2015Maureen Osbourne2016Jeffrey Spiegel   

The Fantasia Fair Award

The Fantasia Fair Award goes to those who have shown, by active participation and service over several Fairs, that they exemplify the best qualities of a Fair participant and stand as a sincere example of Fair ideals of love, support and community.

1975 1976 1977Winnie Brant 
1978Jackie Hanifin1979Julia Lafaye1980Betty Ann Lind 
1981Francis Gibson1982Janna Page1983Naomi Owen 
1984Paula Neilson1985Eve Burchert1986Ramona Miller 
1987Maureen Taylor1988Penny North1989Laura Caldwell 
1990Sheila Kirk1991Barbara Cragg1992Alison Laing 
1993Christine Howey1994Andrea Susan Malick1995Cindy Pearlman 
1996Jamie Stowall1997Judy Osborne1998Brenda Viola 
1998Laurence Crisara1999Susan & Barbara Curry2000Miqqi Alicia Gilbert 
2001Stephanie Pierce2001Jamison Green2002Dallas Denny 
2003Kathryn Bode2003Mark Rosen2004Milton Diamond 
2004Emily Sheldon2005Phyllis Fink2006Gary M. 
2006Jamie Dailey2007Lauren Bode2007Dottie Laing 
2008Dawn Marie Vaux2009Abby Saypen2010Jayne Robinson 
2011Holly Bowsell2012Dainna Cicotello2013Erin Fisher Daily 
2014Ann and Katherine Klett2015Mary Beth Cooper2016Carolyn Caywood  
2016Liz Winter     

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