October 14-21, 2018 Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Arranging for Accommodations

Making Arranging for Your Stay In Provincetown

Regsiter Early To Save More!
There are money-saving discounts on your Fantasia Fair registration when you register early.
No matter how far off the start of the Fair may be, there are many advantages to making sure that you have a room booked for the week as soon as possible. If you haven't already arranged for a place to stay, you should start inquiring about accommodations. Most long-time fairgoers will make lodging arrangements for the next year before the current year's Fair is over. Why? They have come to realize that by acting early, they will be the best selection and the lowest rates.

Some General Advice on Where to Stay

Many Inns Offer Discounts To Fairgoers
When contacting the inns, make sure to mention that you are to be in town for Fantasia Fair and ask what discounts they offer for fairgoers.
Ideally, you'll want to stay in a nice place at a decent price that is located close enough to where events take place and with other fairgoers.

You should look at a map of Provincetown to get an idea where the venues for the Fair are. It is strongly recommend not getting anything that is more than a few blocks east of the monument since most of the action takes place in the center of town or on the west side. It is not bad to walk for five or ten minutes to get to a workshop or event, but a ten or twenty minutes walk may not be worth it unless the deal is exceptional. Keep in mind that you will not really be able to use your car while in town, so you will be doing a lot of walking, and a twenty minute walk in the rain isn't much fun.

Most places show pictures of the rooms on their websites, so you can check things out online. Many of the buildings in town are lovely antique structures, some dating back hundreds of years, and such the rooms in town tend to be on the small size and some have very small closets. The smallness of the room may not be bad, but lack of closet space can be truly challenging for the luggage-heavy crossdresser!

When inquiring about lodging, mention the dates that you are interested in and ask them what they have available, the square footage of each available room, the size of the closet, bathroom features, if parking is included, if breakfast is included, and the price. Prices should be for the October "shoulder rate." Also, make sure to ask them if they are honoring the discount quoted on the Fantasia Fair website. Any discounts should be in addition these lower, end-of-season rates rather than the higher rates that are common in the summer months. If they are not honoring the discount quoted on our site then we want to hear about it! Please keep in mind that these discounts are usually for the week of the Fair only so if you arrive a few days early of stay a few days late then different rates may apply.

Can You Recommend An Inn?
We don't list a inn just because an inn requests it. An inn is listed on our recommended places to stay page only after a Fairgoer recommends that inn. If you are a Fairgoer that would like to recommend a place to stay, please send us a message telling us who you recommending and why.

Staying at an Inn or Bed & Breakfast

Over the years, Fair attendees have tended to colonize certain inns. Those inns with a good record of accomplishment and who offer discounts for fairgoers are listed on our recommended places to stay page. There are many great places to stay in town, and we do not mean to suggest that you will not have a wonderful experience staying at other places not listed by us. The inns listed by us are there because people who have come to the Fair thought enough of these inns to recommend them.

The inns listed are centrally located and usually other fairgoers will stay there. Chances are that if you stay at any of the recommended inns, you will be next door to others attending the Fair.

Quite a number of guesthouses have some wonderful features, such as beautiful gardens, luxurious hottubs, loaner laptop computers, and in-room DVD players. It is common for places to include free parking and breakfast, free movie rentals and daily wine & cheese - perks that you won't get at most hotels outside of Provincetown.


It is possible that you can get some great deals by renting a house or a condo. You might wish to visit and see about rates in general. They have a rental search page where you can specify many requirements, such as price, ocean view, fireplaces, etc. If you do decide to rent a place, try giving Bea Smith a call at Coldwell Banker Pat Schultz Real Estate, who has done a great job finding places for fairgoers over the years.

Many rentals include two or more bedrooms, living room, dining area and kitchen so the price per square footage is often better than at an inn or bed & breakfast. Although the value may be great, often rentals do not provide romm service, cleaning service, breakfasts, and other perks.

Prices and Discounts

Although the rates may vary from location to location and even room to room within a given inn, few places cost less than $75 a night and prices over $125 are quite common. Although the rates may seem pricey compared to some hotels chains, keep in mind that this is a resort town. Could you get a decent room at Disneyland for under $125 a night? Also consider that most of places in Provincetown provide free breakfasts, parking, wine & cheese happy hours, etc. which can easily be worth $25 - $35 a day.

Many inns offer a special discount for Fairgoers during Fair week. When contacting the inns, make sure to mention that you are to be in town for Fantasia Fair and ask what discounts they offer for fairgoers. The discount should apply to the published seasonal rate for late October – often called the "shoulder rate."

Other Considerations

Some places are adjacent to a club or are on the main road, Commercial Street, which may be noisy at night. When inquiring about lodging, you may wish to ask about the noise levels or request a room that is away from the noise.

Many of the buildings in town are several stories tall and access to your room may require taking stairs. If you have difficulties climbing stairs, you should confirm this access.

Most places provide you with refrigerators for your personal use, but some do not. Some places provide a common kitchen area for guests to use. If you enjoy late night snacking or like to keep your wine chilled, you may wish to inquire about the kitch facilities offered.


If you have any questions about the Fair, please feel free to contact anyone who is on the organizing committee. You can find their email addresses on the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can always ask people yourself. The Fair has a Facebook group with a discussion page where people exchange questions and such.

See you in Provincetown!

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